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Reef Watch is an award-winning program
of the Conservation Council of South Australia.

Since 1997, Reef Watch has helped keep our waters healthy by training community volunteers to monitor marine environments using non-destructive, internationally recognised techniques.

Our amazing volunteers collect valuable scientific data that helps conserve our precious marine places and the creatures that live there.


Reef Rambles help connect community to our coasts through fun and informative guided tours by our expert marine biologists.

As we head towards winter, our Reef Ramble program is slowing down, but stay tuned via social media and our website to learn when our upcoming events are.

They're a great way to learn about our fascinating and unique rock pool flora and fauna. There’s plenty to behold, including reef crabs, dog whelk (a predatory sea snail), intertidal tube worms, variegated limpets and the vivid waratah anemone.

Learn how to collect data like a bonafide scientist, record your findings on one of the biggest global citizen science platforms (Hello, iNaturalist!) and learn more about the wonders of the Great Southern Reef.